PRAM Code of Conduct


“Pursuing Righteous Adulthood Modestly”

Why Commit to PRAM Ball?  What is the Goal?

As parents and followers of Jesus, we are given a simple command, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Simple it seems but complicated in application!  So what does PRAM have to do with Proverbs 22:6?  We want to teach appropriate interaction between gentlemen and ladies that they can carry into to their marriages and workplaces for a lifetime.  Manners, etiquette and consideration of all is an important area for our young adults.  This is an opportunity to both learn AND apply these qualities.

Advantages and benefits of dance include, but are not limited to, the development of discipline, self-esteem, team work, and creativity.  It is said “frequent dancing apparently makes us smarter.”

Expectations for Dance Participants.

Please read the following expectations and consider them carefully.  Please do not purchase a ticket unless you fully intend to follow thru.

Learning Ballroom dance takes a commitment of time and effort to learn new skills, but keep in mind that these skills will stay with you the rest of your life.

Therefore, the classroom session (see list of dates) is mandatory.  In addition, 3 of the 4 lessons/practices are required.  This is to ensure that everyone has the confidence to enjoy the ball.  Our hope is to guide and enhance your journey to the joy of dance.

Please take class mindfully. Work hard. Bring passion, be curious, ask questions, and remember, if someone cares enough to work with you they are not being disrespectful, they’re teaching.

Last but not least… Don’t take dancing so seriously that you forfeit having fun.

This is a list of basics.  The classroom portion will expand.

Conduct of Participants

We already know you won’t have a problem with this, but we must say it:

All participants must remain inside the building or designated areas during the dance. Follow the requests of the chaperones.  No fowl language.  Please do not bring any food or drink.  Do not bring alcohol of any kind.  Please do not smoke inside or outside the building.


How to Act

-Gentlemen ask ladies to dance. (They will accept)

-Listen carefully to dance instructions.

-Dance with a new partner for each dance.  

-Escort your partner off the dance floor when the dance is over.

-Gentlemen are in high demand at the ball.  Plan to dance all of the dances.  

What to wear 

Most guys wear slacks and a button shirt and tie. Some wear suits, which is great.  

Minimum Requirements:

1.  Dress pants.

2.  Dress shirt and tie.   You may wear a vest and/or a suit coat.

3.  Wear comfortable dress shoes since you will be on your feet dancing most of the evening!  

4.  Personal hygiene is greatly appreciated.  The exercise of dance causes sweating. Please be prepared.


How to Act

-Wait for a young man to ask you to dance.  Make sure you are approachable.  (Girls may not ask boys to dance.)

-Say “yes” to him.

-Listen carefully to dance instructions.

-Dance with a new partner for each dance.

-Please wait for all the gentlemen to have their partners before you join with another young lady for a dance.

What to Wear

A long dress with straps is required.  It must also be modest so please use good judgement. 

1. No short dresses. Your dress must come down below your knees. No sheer dresses that allow your legs or midriff to show through.  No slits above the knee.

2. No plunging necklines. Your dress needs to have enough fabric on the front so no cleavage shows. If your dress shows some cleavage when you bend or move, alter it with added fabric or wear a camisole underneath.

3. No backless or strapless dresses.

4.  Wear comfortable dress shoes (not sneakers) since you will be on your feet dancing most of the evening. No more than a 2” heal; 1” is recommended by dance instructors.

Have your parents watch you spin, bend, and raise your arms in your dress.  Are you still modest when you bend, raise your arms and spin?


*Avoid a straight skirt so that the movement won’t be an issue.

*Close-toed shoes are encouraged for safety.  You don’t want to go home early because of an accidental overstep. We are all learning.

*You will have an opportunity to ask questions about these expectations at the dance practices.  Feel free to bring a picture or the dress itself to show to one of the ladies in charge.

Keep in mind that you will be asked to leave the ball if the above dress requirements are not met.  Anything that might cause others to be distracted or feel uncomfortable during the ball will not be tolerated.  Please don’t put us in this uncomfortable position.  We don’t want to send anyone home, but we will.

Parents and Chaperones:

Dress code applies to you too.  There are a limited number of parent tickets.

East Mountain PRAM Ball Dates

Location for meetings, classroom and lessons will be held at

Community Church of the Sandias

43 Frost Road

Sandia Park, NM